About Us

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum might be how this story started. Daytona Bike Week 2022. This is our every year getaway and first ride after a long winter. 

We arrive in Daytona and start the mood right friends and family are with us. Even after the long drive we unwind for a few hours, enjoy visiting with our friends, and want to hit the strip in Daytona.

As any motorbiker would know bike rallies are about many things, bikes, women, drinking and always finding the right patch or Bike Week shirt. The shopping is as popular as the bars themselves. 

Biker shirts are worn all summer to show the places you have ridden and been through the years. 

So as we all are shopping Joe looks at me a says I am tired of wearing everyone else's shit, it's made in China, not in America. I have always known this fact about Joe, American products or nothing. Many Bikers argue about how much is made in America on their Harley's or Indians. But to talk about it and do are two different things. So Daytona was great actually we came home with very little in merchandise but everyone made it home safe and Bike Week was a success. 

The story is more than this backtracking a little, this was my first Bike week to actually ride my own motorbike, our 2 Bikes were a whole winter project,  2 Harley Heritages customized, all done by Joe. So he is Fishtails Garage. 

So back to the yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum, Joe decides he wants to make a shirt for his garage. Well sounds easy enough we get a couple of designs laid out and I was addicted, now 18 designs later we are in for the production of our Fully Made In America line of Motorbike shirts and hoodies.

Our illustrations are all designed by us, each shirt has a different story and meaning to how the design was created. 

So as any good Pirate story would conclude, I hope all you Scallywags loot our treasures. Just be careful of our Zombie Strippers they are lured in by sounds of your motorbikes.